After years in which I didn't do any stitching, I started in 2005 again. I started with kits only, doing one at the time, and it took some time finishing a piece. This blog is meant to be sort of a portfolio :), in the first place it is meant for me, to keep a record of what I did the past years. If you enjoy it, please let me know, if not, go on to another blog.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Finishes 2015

Pattern:  Zazie by An de Vries
December 2015

Daisy Days
Pattern:  Daisy Waves by Kieran Foley
December 2015

Pattern:  The Doodler by Stephen West
November 2015

Time to sleep
Pattern: Goodnight Moon by Sara Elizabeth Kellner
November 2015

Bunschoten mitaines
Pattern by Evelien Verkerk
October 2015

Dig Deep
Pattern: Exploration Station by Stephen West
October 2015

Tejun 手順
Pattern: Steps by EllenEaston
October 2015

NoWoman No Cry
Pattern: Montego by Cheri McEwan
September 2015

Now Is The Time
Pattern: Shleeves by Mary Annarella
August 2015

 Mein Berlin
Pattern: Prague Pathway by Erika Flory
July 2015

My Sarie Marais
Pattern: Sari by Kieran Foley
June 2015

Pattern: Fluence by Lana Jois
March 2015

One Love
Radient Gradient Boomerang by Susan Ashcroft
March  2015

Baltimore Bliss
2010-2015 Handquilted and appliqued
Pattern: Fat Cat
March  2015

Cascade Lace Blend Shoulder Cowl by Colinton Australia Exclusive
Februari 2015

Silja Line
Marjamets Shawl by Kadri's Stitches
Januari  2015

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