After years in which I didn't do any stitching, I started in 2005 again. I started with kits only, doing one at the time, and it took some time finishing a piece. This blog is meant to be sort of a portfolio :), in the first place it is meant for me, to keep a record of what I did the past years. If you enjoy it, please let me know, if not, go on to another blog.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Finishes 2016

Choco Latte
Pattern: Hidden Gusset by Mone Dräger
December 2016

I've got the Blues
Pattern: Indigopie by Mari Chiba
November 2016

Pattern: On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg
September 2016

Pattern: Westbourne by Isabell Kramer
September 2016

Je Vole
Pattern: Flight of the Owl by Heather Anderson
July 2016

Pattern: Nae by Anat Rodan
July 2016
Whisper Poem
Pattern: Westbourne by Isabell Kraemer
July 2016

Life is But a Dream
Pattern: Merriwether by Rae Gronmark
May 2016

No Bananas Today
Pattern: Banaanopuu by Pirita Hiltunene
April  2016

You Will Rise Again
Pattern: Carradal by Lucy Hague
February  2016

Dutch Winters
Pattern: An Enchanting Mystery by Wenche Roald
February  2016
Stippe Stappe
Made for Anneke
Pattern: Stippers by Ashley Knowlton
February  2016

Pattern: Zazie by An de Vries
January 2016

Something Inside So Strong
Pattern: Fortresse by Monique Boonstra
January 2016

Pattern: Quantum Leap Cowl by Heather Anderson
January 2016

Red Velvet
January 2016

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